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Shoreline lessons – how beach trips boost learning

Photograph: © SAF — Coastal Care


For the past five years, Beach Schools South West has been travelling all over Devon, UK, to enable children of all backgrounds to experience outdoor learning…

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According To Scientists, Visiting The Beach Can Change Your Brain In An Incredible Way; Shareably (04-21-2017)

What the beach does to your brain; NBC News (07-29-2017)

Lessons From The Sand ; By Charles O. Pilkey and Orrin H. Pilkey (©-2016)
Featuring more than forty fun hands-on activities for families with children, “Lessons from the Sand” reveals the science behind the amazing natural wonders found on beaches and the activities explain how beaches work — providing the key to protecting them for future generations. A book by Charles O. Pilkey and Orrin H. Pilkey…


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