Plastic in the Depths: how pollution took over our oceans – The Guardian

Plastics are the most common form of marine debris. They can come from a variety of land- and ocean-based sources, enter the water in many ways, and impact the ocean and Great Lakes. Once in the water, plastic debris never fully biodegrades (illustration courtesy of NOAA).

By now, it is well known that the oceans swirl with plastic. More than 8m tonnes pour into the seas every year, spewed out via rivers, dumped along coastlines or abandoned by fishing vessels. Plastic even contaminates ocean air, where particles are kicked up by spray and then blown about the planet by the wind. In many places on Earth, it is literally raining – and snowing – plastic.

Racing for a good cause – When skippers give real meaning to their performance

Road to the Vendée Globe #6 – Many of the skippers in the IMOCA class are men and women who when competing in the various events in the circuit and in particular in the forthcoming Vendée Globe (which starts on 8th November), are committed to adding that extra something to their project by conveying messages around a range of subjects.