See Photos of the Most Crowded Island on Earth

When photographer Charlie Cordero first learned of Santa Cruz Del Islote, a tiny, densely populated island a two-hour boat ride off the coast of Colombia from Cartagena, he was captivated.

Baiae: A Roman settlement at the bottom of the sea

The Romans had few ways of knowing when an eruption or earthquake was coming. They were all but helpless when it came to protecting their town against the encroaching sea. But that’s no longer true. Today, a team of archaeologists and engineers are developing some surprising new technologies to protect the underwater site for future generations.

How to design continents for maximum tides

The shape and size of continents control the size of ocean tides on Earth-like planets, according to a new study that simulated the effects of random continental configurations on the energy of tides.

Why the Mediterranean is a climate change hotspot

Although global climate models vary in many ways, they agree on this: The Mediterranean region will be significantly drier in coming decades, potentially seeing 40 percent less precipitation during the winter rainy season.