Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do to help care for the worlds coastlines?
Why are some beaches in greater need of care?

Every beach is different. Some beaches are used by the public more than other due to location, accessibility, or proximity to cities. Some beaches are places where trash naturally washes ashore. Local governments may lack money to properly care for their beach and laws protecting beaches vary from country to country and within countries.

What exactly is a beach? A shore?

A beach is an area of land covered by sand, pebbles, or rocks next to a body of water. A shore is a more general term for the land next to a body of water.

Check out “Beach Basics” for more information!

Is non-profit?


How is the money donated to used?

A full time staff member develops web-content, updates this web-site, maintains news and media databases, and communicates with the public. Production of 20-minute movies featuring particular beaches and associated problems also uses funding. Scientists also take research trips to document beach destruction, such as occurred to Morocco in 2007 and Dubai in 2008.


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