Sea level rise study shows Charleston area one of the riskiest places to live in Southeast

Photograph: © SAF — Coastal Care


Within the next three decades, nearly 8,000 homes in Charleston County, SC, could flood at least 26 times a year if the sea level rises by 2 feet, considered by climate experts to be a worst-case scenario.

That’s according to an analysis of data released today by the Union of Concerned Scientists in a study that estimates how many properties will regularly flood along the coasts over the next century, given a range of predictions…

Read Full Article; The Post and Courrier (06-18-2018)

Sea level rise poses serious threat to Charleston; By Orrin H. Pilkey; Post And Courier (04-29-2017)
Rising seas are the first truly global environmental disaster related to climate change. Millions of people will be forced from their homes as the seas drown the atoll nations, devastate much of barrier-island and river-delta civilizations and, of course, invade the world’s coastal cities including Charleston…


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