As the climate warms, we are ‘primed’ for worse storms than Sandy

Mantoloking, NJ. Aerial pictures of New Jersey’s coast, after superstorm Sandy devastated the area. Photo courtesy of: © Program for the Study of Developed Shorelines (PSDS) / WCU


With the climate warming and the sea level rising, conditions are ripe for storms deadlier and more devastating than Sandy that put more people at risk.

“A warmer climate could make it easier for storms to maintain their intensity as they move out of the tropics,”. “So even if there aren’t more storms, there could be more storms that survive at a given intensity level and reach our latitude.

A slower storm could cause far more coastal and inland flooding damage than Sandy, and future storms could unleash stronger winds along the coast and inland.

If damaging storms become more frequent, retreat from areas with mounting repetitive losses will become a topic of discussion…

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